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We’re hiring a a marketing assistant to work with Engage Media on marketing activities of digital products. This is an allrounder Position to join our team to work on marketing, sales, branding and internal organisation and administration. Applications will be open until the 31st of May.

About the job:

Engage Media GmbH creates digital products, it launched some weeks ago and needs some help from a marketing and administrative side. You will work in a small team directly with Development and Business Challenges we face everyday, you plan when something should go live, you do Email and Social Media campaigns and analyze if they have been successfull and what we can do to improve.

  • EngageMedia GmbH
  • Vienna, AT
  • Full time
  • Assistance

The Topics you will be working on:

  • Marketing: You think about target groups and strategies how to approach them best, you concept campaigns on social media and email and work with technical development how to measure success. You think about branding and how the things we do are percieved by our audience.
  • Administration: Appointments need to be made, koordination with customers and employees will be necessary. You write down the stuff that is important and make sure we don't forget about things, when people are hectic you appreciate structure and help to enforce it.
  • PR: You research best practices from our partners, clients and competitors and help us doing better in public relation, content creation and sponsoring.
  • Project Management: The stuff you do will be part of a project or a project itself. When you do something you make a plan and communicate it with the team, set goals and track the progress

During the projects you will be faced with challenges, so it is important that you ask for help when needed, communicate your opinions and fears actively and be fair to your colleagues. We don't expect you to understand everything we do right away, nobody can transition with performing on the spot.

About us:

Engage Media is a digital product creator, that make sure that the first 80% percent of a product astonishes it's users.

You'll report to:
Florian Bauer (CEO),
€ 440 / month, after 3 months € 26.000 - € 40.000 a year, depending on skill level for 40 hours per week.
Starting "geringfügig" (10hours a week), later 25-40h a week.


Please send us an application showing us your interest in exactly this position. Tell us about some things you did in the past. Keep it compact and simple, using any text format that is convenient to you. We will take the time to carefully review your application. We usually take around 5 days to respond after which we arrange a meeting for you to have a phone call or personal interview with your future colleagues. We aim to make an offer by the Beginning of April.

To apply to this job please send us an email to with the following contents:

  • Your CV / link to your website / link to your linkedin
  • Some of the above mentioned content

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