Senior ReactJS Developer (Zagreb)

Create frontend architectures that allow maintainable development and efficiency.

We’re hiring ReactJS Senior Developers to lead our frontend teams and improve our technological delivery. We have become a relevant player in the last years as we understood component based architecture, headless ecommerce and qualitative execution ahead of its time and our work still proves our technical excellence.

We are currently founding a company as a second office in Zagreb, Croatia. Being cofounded by Filip Zganjer, originating from Croatia, we are prepared to connect the two countries from a standpoint of profession, diversity and high quality development. We currently have 10 Developer Positions planned for 2020, so applications are accepted at any point. We strongly encourage you to apply and even if we cannot find an agreement right away, we are eager to learn from you, your ideas and your technical and non technical opinions. We work hard to ensure our inclusive and diverse office is a workplace where many nationalities, ideologies and backgrounds thrive to cooperate with one another. We want you to become a well known expert in leadership, high quality delivery while improving your skill set by focusing on your strengths, talents and track record.

  • MoonShiner GmbH
  • Zagreb, HR
  • Full time
  • Development

About the job:

Frontend Development here at MoonHolding with its daughter company Moonshiner is structured in independent teams. Currently there are 14 frontend developer employed in Vienna, that work on projects with various levels of complexity. There are smaller projects developed by a single person and there are projects where 50+ developers work with well defined processes on big systems. You will take an important part in setting up our best practices in Zagreb with other senior developers in making architectural decisions for all teams, being responsible for the smooth development in an existing team (remote) and being the person that shows the customers development teams how they can improve and deliver better quality.

Because this is a new office opening this will be the structure for setup:

  • You will spend time with us in Vienna working in existing teams to understand our tech stack, the mode of operation as well as the spirit of the MoonFamily.
  • You work closely with UX/UI and other stakeholders on structures, that allow clear communication for requirements and delivery procedures. Communication is the key and we all know it works best when design and development go hand in hand. There will be a travel route between Zagreb and Vienna so that important things can be discussed in person, but we all love to know what we are doing at any point.
  • We develop an improved way to estimate efforts and tasks with the remote and technological capabilities. Work is about the people we interact with on a daily basis and we work on mastering this excellence.

The Technology you will be working with:

  • You will work on Javascript with the React Frontend Framework. We assume you are highly experienced in the whole ecosystem and know what you are doing.
  • You think about processes, architectures and what we can do to deliver high end software.
  • Work with stakeholders on frontend decisions and requirements. You tell them what to do on a technical level and consult their teams to make the right choices.

During the projects you will be faced with challenges, so it is important that you ask for help when needed, communicate your opinions and fears actively and be fair to your colleagues. We don't expect you to understand everything we do right away, nobody can transition with performing on the spot.

You will work on bugs caused by other people. You will find simple solutions for complex problems. You will go deep. You will learn from us and we will learn from you.

Here are some things we’ve worked on recently that might give you a better sense of what you’ll be doing day to day:

  • The navigation component is very slow and the reasons are non trivial. You take a look at it and decide on a way to address the issue, delegate parts to colleagues and debug the performance in a quality that can be reused for management communication. After knowing the reason, you will work on strategies to avoid such errors in the future. You communicate to stakeholders and you share best practices from the case.
  • The Authentication Workflow needs to be defined and you build a technical concept with the Backend team on how the process will look like in the future.
  • There is commitment on project delivery milestones and dates. You make sure that everybody in your team knows what he/she is doing. The requirements are clear and you communicate relevant changes in plan to the stakeholders early and clearly.

About you

You are highly experienced in ReactJS and have already worked in positions where stakeholder management, requirements engineering and project or team leadership was part of your job. Working with distributed teams is nothing that scares you.

  • You are a role model when it comes to quality code.
  • You can communicate your thoughts, concepts and strategies clearly.

The development process is important. You drive the importance of solid Git structures, moderate and participate in pull request discussions. You know that you are not always the smartest developer in the room and can listen to people that have a different amount of knowledge than you do.

Communication is important to us, so it should be to you too. You should value empathy and kindness and be able to articulate your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking.

About us:

MoonHolding is a company creator and incubator working with small and big clients on web development, ecommerce and AI. We are currently preparing for our secondary office in Croatia and would like to meet you for a more detailed plan about conquering the world.

You'll report to:
Filip Zganjer (CEO),
€ 18.000 - € 32.000 a year, depending on skill level for 40 hours per week.
40h a week. We value a healthy work life balance. You will have 5 weeks paid vacation a year, full health insurance, pension plan, paid maternity leave compliant to croatian law.


Please send us an application showing us your interest in exactly this position. Tell us about some past projects or work that you like or would have done differently. Keep it compact and simple, using any text format that is convenient to you. We will take the time to carefully review your application. We usually take around 5 days to respond after which we arrange a meeting for you to have a phone call or personal interview with your future colleagues. We aim to make an offer a couple of days after that.

To apply to this job please send us an email to with the following contents:

  • Your CV / link to your website / link to your linkedin
  • Some of the above mentioned content

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